CDP Technology is a powerful explosive that can be used to produce abrasive materials from carbon dioxide (dry ice). The same explosive can be used for breaking rock, as shown in the following video:

ABRASIVE INNOVATION: EnviroDiamond’s CDP technology uses inexpensive carbon dioxide as a consumable ingredient to produce fine powders with very high abrasive utility.  The powders are polycrystalline composites of hard oxides and carbon in several phases, including diamond.  Our detonation synthesis technology is highly customizable, may be licensed for your own R&D or production, and we offer several products.

Unique structures are revealed in Product Mg-35 after treatment with acid and heat.

ABRASIVELY UNIQUE:  Our unique products are a rare combination of materials, hardness and structures only made possible through our patented process.

– Sieve or use EnviroDiamond powders as-is for grinding and polishing, or
– Jet Mill into ultrafine polishing powders, or
– Extract nitrogen-free nanodiamond, or
– Replace appropriate abrasives, or
Customize a new product  for a specific application

EnviroDiamond’s powders are polycrystalline diamond/ceramic composite particles with customizable size, hardness and friability.  EnviroDiamond’s technology is an explosive, which produces these remarkable materials upon detonation. Here is a short video showing how we do this: