CDP Blaster System

CDP is a detonator-sensitive binary explosive that can be produced easily and rapidly with our CDP Blaster System from uncontrolled materials that are easy to acquire legally.  The Canadian government has issued a ruling that combining the ingredients to make CDP does not require a manufacturing license.

The CDP Blaster System is capable of producing 20 kg batches of CDP on demand.  The insulated mixers in the current design can store CDP for many hours with minimal sublimation (loss of dry ice), which does not affect explosive performance.  Under the scenario of storing CDP for over a day, the weight of dry ice lost to sublimation can be remixed into the formulation.

Simply connect the dry ice hose to a tank of compressed carbon dioxide and collect dry ice in one of the insulated mixers. Venting the tank causes liquid carbon dioxide to solidify into finely powdered dry ice and travel down the dry ice hose, which directs the dry ice to one of the insulated mixers for storage.

Once the target amount of dry ice has been produced, the other mixer can be used to combine the right amount of dry ice and powdered metals.  This small system uses a large scale to weigh the ingredients.  A handle at the back of the mixer permits easy lifting, which is essential when dumping the contents of a mixer to another container or into a funnel above a borehole.

Once the right ratio of ingredients has been measured, combined and mixed adequately, CDP is ready for use!  It may be detonated with a regular electric detonator or with a detonator and a booster, depending on the packed density.  Mixing instructions are included on the front of the mixers.

CDP can be packed into cardboard tubes when shooting in a wet environment or poured directly into a borehole with the assistance of a loading aid (extra item), which assures consistent ingredient concentration and density across the entire borehole length.

Larger CDP Blaster Systems are also available.  We can design larger semi-automated systems to produce CDP on demand to meet a mine or quarry’s ongoing blasting objectives without the need to ship or store explosives.

CDP Detonation Flare – 800 g Sample