Product Mg-35

Our flagship product is Mg-35, which is a robust source of polycrystalline particles and compounds containing nanodiamond, graphene and more.

Description: Grey abrasive powder

Composition: Magnesium oxide, carbon, diamond and trace oxides of iron, aluminum and silicon.  Some compounds are ferromagnetic.

Bulk Particle Size Distribution:
D10: 2.77 microns
D50: 13.7 microns
D90: 83.1 microns

Specific Surface Area: 970 m2/kg

Safety: Non-toxic; not hazardous; use appropriate breathing protection when handling this product in its dry state.

Microscopy Work: These pictures show the diversity of particle morphologies in Mg-35 and how this material is loaded with small, hard and sharp abrasive edges.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Mg-35: Mg-35 MSDS

Mg-35 Ferromagnetic spheres comprised of carbon, iron, magnesium, silicon and aluminum.

In stock we have a small fixed quantity of Mg-35 separated into two fractions – one coarse and one fine.  The coarse fraction is -212 +10 microns and the other is -10 micron material. The finer fraction contains particles that are larger than 10 microns due to the long and narrow shape of some of them.  The coarse fraction contains some ferromagnetic material with a highly spheroidal geometry plus some monocrystalline material with rough edges.

Regarding the ferromagnetic material: A large percentage of it is spherical, retains a magnetic charge for a very long time after coming into contact with a magnet, and can be crushed revealing a hollow center in many of them.  When a concentrated amount of this material is heated in air it combusts rapidly to produce a small amount of fine white ash, which suggests this portion of Mg-35 is a type of metallic graphite.

Particle Size Distributions for Various Fractions of Mg-35

-212 +10 microns:
40% of Bulk Material
D10: 12.1 microns
D50: 27.7 microns
D90: 67.7 microns
-10 microns:
60% of Bulk Material
D10: 3.44 microns
D50: 7.96 microns
D90: 14.8 microns
Acid Resistant Fraction:
5% of Bulk Material
D10: 0.292 microns
D50: 0.524 microns
D90: 0.759 microns
Small Nano Fraction:
15% of Bulk Material
D10: 0.025 microns
D50: 0.065 microns
D90: 0.100 microns
Acid digestion of the magnesium oxide phase reveals abrasive acid resistant particles.
Researchers and abrasives specialists may request a promotional package for Mg-35, which includes a small sample of each of the coarse and fine fractions.

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