Licensing CDP

EnviroDiamond offers licensing agreements for CDP abrasives and explosives users aiming to expand their market share, increase profit margin, grow greener and grow stronger.  Our patented technology is a game-changer that delivers a significant competitive advantage, access to new markets, and can increase sales through leveraging government green procurement policies.

We can offer licensing agreements for many contingencies, such as a type of particle, the use of CDP for blasting, and many other possibilities.  Here are some examples:

  1. Clients who do not have easy access to detonation facilities with containment vessels.  Under this scenario the licensee can design an augmented CDP formulation and EnviroDiamond prepares and shoots the samples on their behalf, packages the solid byproducts that are produced and forwards them to the client.  This arrangement is ideal for universities, medical labs and materials science researchers who have easy access to the necessary analytical tools and expertise to work with ceramic powders.
  2. Companies seeking exclusivity for a particular type of material that can be produced through CDP, such as compounds containing nanodiamond, or even all abrasives in general, according to a certain territory or territories.
  3. Customers wanting to produce and use CDP for their operation for construction blasting or mining.
  4. Groups wanting to create a CDP blasting service company with training and equipment to blast for an end-customer.

Please contact us to initiate the process of determining the right licensing agreement for you:

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