Toxic vs Nontoxic Nanodiamond (Cancer Treatment)

I know what you are really thinking, why would anyone want toxic nanodiamond to begin with?

Up until Envirodiamond’s detonation formula, nearly all nanodiamond produced through detonation synthesis was contaminated from the production method and therefore toxic for medical use.  There has previously been no large and consistent source of clean, or biocompatible nanodiamond on the market.  There’s just the filthy nasty gross stuff that’s fine for polishing yet not suitable for medical applications where it has to go inside people to work its magic.

Which is where nanodiamonds really shine.

Nanodiamond is all the rage in the medical industry for treating cancer. Researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have developed an innovative drug-delivery system that uses nanodiamonds to carry chemotherapy drugs directly into brain tumors. This is an exciting breakthrough in cancer treatment.

Most chemo treatments require flooding the entire body with chemotherapy which is, in of itself, extremely dangerous. These new chemo-doped nanodiamonds have proven to be very effective and attack only the tumor, not the surrounding tissues.

So, while traditional toxic nanodiamond is great for polishing and making saws or drill bits, EnviroDiamond’s nanodiamonds are ideally suited for saving lives.

**This research is supported by a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the Center for Scalable and Integrated NanoManufacturing, a V Foundation for Cancer Research Scholars Award, a Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Translational Research Award, a Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Endowed Fellowship, Beckman Coulter, the European Commission funding program, and the National Cancer Institute.