Products in Development

EnviroDiamond is cultivating a new field in materials synthesis and focussing on magnesium products and synthetic spinel first.  We are currently doing tests with other products that we are in the process of creating, purifying, testing and developing.

Our ultimate goal is to explore a spectrum of ingredient combinations, a range of formulation densities prior to detonation, and methods to purify or otherwise refine the powders we produce.  We also plan to explore the effect of adding other ingredients thought to potentially provide nucleation sites for the creation of, or higher yield of, target materials.  CDP also provides the potential to explore the addition of other unique materials and altered detonation techniques to create extra hard metal carbides such as boron carbide and tungsten carbide.

Here are some interesting crystalline cubic structures that we discovered in some magnesium detonations:

The following microscope slide confirms the measured lattice spacing for concentrated carbon from Mg-35 matches nanodiamond.  The spacing for diamond is about 0.21 nanometers.