About EnviroDiamond

The time to change the world is now, and we’re doing that.  EnviroDiamond Technologies Inc. is all about positive change.  We plan to use our technology, products, experiences and innovation to make our world better.

Our key areas of focus, in no order of priority, are the following:

Investors:  EnviroDiamond’s shares pay a percentage of the company’s profits after taxes as an annual dividend – indefinitely.  Our books, plans, intentions and technology are transparent and available for review at any time.  We aim to deliver as high a dividend as we can generate under an umbrella of fairness, honesty, stewardship to the planet and well being of our employees.

Employees:  Our goal is to lavish our employees with exceptional benefits and opportunities to advance, innovate and grow.  We aim to establish a culture of responsibility and trust through treating our staff and workers with respect and all the tools and training they need to blossom both as people and ideal employees.

Customers: EnviroDiamond’s focus is to provide superior abrasive utility and a competitive advantage to our customers through the reliable supply of high quality products that are affordable, customizable and consistent in physical properties.

Environment:  CDP technology is sophisticated carbon capture that converts CO2 into materials that can be used to deliver environmental benefits.  Using our products and methods to produce them increases manufacturing efficiency and offsets the business-driven need to produce certain toxic chemicals.

Innovation:  As leaders in cutting edge innovation, EnviroDiamond plans to leverage its success to develop an innovation support department.

Cancer Research:  Our patented process can affordably mass produce nitrogen-free nanodiamond, which research has shown to be useful in treating cancer through targeted chemotherapy drug delivery.  Our goal is to provide material for nanodiamond extraction at cost for that application.