Polycrystalline Spinel

Our Spinel Products come from detonations of CDP formulations containing varying amounts of elemental magnesium, aluminum and dry ice.

Description: Grey abrasive powders

Composition: Approximately 95% oxides and the balance is carbon in various phases, including diamond.  Some compounds are ferromagnetic.  Here is a breakdown of the oxide phase according to CDP formulation:

Magnesium in CDP Formulation
Aluminum in CDP Formulation
Aluminum Oxide Magnesium OxideGraphite and
Balanced for SpinelBalanced for Spinel95%<1%<1%3% - 5%
LowerHigher<95%>1%0%3% - 5%
HigherLower<95%<1%>1%3% - 5%

Bulk Particle Size Distribution:

D10: 2.77 microns
D50: 13.7 microns
D90: 83.1 microns

NOTE:  This distribution is based on sieving the product through a 212 micron screen.

Specific Surface Area: 970 m2/kg

Safety: Non-toxic; not hazardous; use appropriate breathing protection when handling this product in its dry state.

Microscopy Work: These pictures show the diversity of particle morphologies in Mg-35 and how this material is loaded with small, hard and sharp abrasive edges.