The Future of EnviroDiamond

I see many amazing outcomes for EnviroDiamond…

I see us producing and selling megatons of abrasive powders with unique and amazing physical properties to companies around the world, transforming the manufacturing and abrasives industries.

I see future customers license CDP exclusively for certain applications, powders, particle sizes etc… and receive a huge competitive advantage that makes a measurable difference to them.

I see an upcoming renaissance in materials science discoveries leading to huge advancements in microelectronics that is triggered through an increase in global awareness of how detonation synthesis can be leveraged to produce new materials and structures.

I see global energy solutions stemming from an adaptation of CDP in a steady state LENR process I envision, achieved through the creation of a pattern of standing waves that facilitates the generation of significant tappable energy.

I see CDP increasing safety in mining and other commercial blasting applications delivered through our environmentally superior alternative to conventional explosives.

I see EnviroDiamond becoming experts in the field of compressed carbon dioxide and manufacture of dry ice, leading to the outcome of new innovative rocket propulsion technology, air cars that run off of dry ice, and cutting tools that use a combination of compressed carbon dioxide and metal combustion to produce an abrasive flame that cuts through steel, concrete and stone with remarkable precision.

I see EnviroDiamond making a positive difference in the world.

Daren Swanson,
Chief, cook and bottle-washer and
Inventor of CDP Technology