Testing CDP

ETI has successfully raised and deployed over $600,000 to date.  Starting first with an idea, ETI took CDP to a small mining explosives company, where we conducted five detonations tests.  The tests went well and byproduct was extracted from water in a detonation well.  13C NMR analysis showed a very faint diamond response.

With the help of foreign investors, CDP was tested in China at the Laboratory of Explosion Mechanics in Beijing.  We conducted 5 tests and used RDX configured in a proprietary manner to initiate and accelerate detonation.  The samples detonated safely inside of a containment vessel designed by ETI.  Byproduct was analyzed with 13C NMR, showing a clear diamond response.  Other samples were sent to the US and Belgium where high resolution TEM generated nice pictures of diamond particles that we created.  The particles were 5 – 15 nm in size.

Back in Canada, we conducted 2 more detonation tests at Birkendale Quarry using a larger vessel and larger samples to create large volumes of byproduct.  We successfully generated some byproduct, which is currently undergoing purification and analysis.  More tests are scheduled at Birkendale in the upcoming months.