Where We Are – by Daren Swanson

Ideas are the root of innovation.

When my wife Lisa asked me the billion dollar question, “Can’t you just pull the carbon out of carbon dioxide and stack it somehow?” my brain responded innovatively.  An idea came to me.

For reasons I cannot explain, my training and experiences lead me to discover an entirely new field of explosives and realm of materials synthesis.  The technology I invented is an explosive that can be used to produce rare compounds and important structures that can improve many aspects of manufacturing, microelectronics and success in medical research.

Nanodiamond, graphene, oxides found only in comets or rare parts of the world… all of this came from an idea triggered by a question.  To date we have achieved the following:

  1. Patents granted in 27 countries: Canada, US, Mexico, South Africa, China, Japan, India and 20 European countries.
  2. Over 50 successful detonations, which have produced many kilograms of unique materials.
  3. Numerous analyses showing diamond, nano to small micron particle sizes of oxides, presence of ferromagnetic carbon material, amazing polishing capabilities and rare compounds/structures.

Latest: We are pleased to announce that we have established production capabilities for small and large orders.  Our first product is called Mg-35, which is a remarkably abrasive polycrystalline magnesium oxide powder that is enhanced by diamond.  There are many other products currently in development  based on aluminum detonations to produce diamond enhanced aluminum oxide.  We are also working with silicon and boron enhanced formulations to produce boron carbide and diamond enhanced oxides and silicates.