CDP Inventor Daren Swanson

Daren is creative in the areas of science, chemistry, music, arts and psychology.  He has created many useful, entertaining and practical inventions in many fields including theoretical physics, polymer processing, explosives formulations, math and music.  He plays the guitar and collects radio-play royalties for a song he wrote – enough for maybe a cup of coffee every year.

He saved and sold pop bottles as a kid, delivered newspapers as a teenager, and worked summer jobs to pay his way through school at Queen’s University where he earned a degree in engineering chemistry.  While at Queen’s he wrote and compiled a thermodynamic data program that lead to the discovery of errors in the chemistry textbook he used.  The Chemistry Department later insisted on leasing a copy of the program.

Daren was luckily granted the opportunity to work for the mining department at Queen’s on a project to develop a calorimeter for high explosives.  The unit he built can safely contain the detonation of a small amount of high explosives, measure the energy released, and contain the post-detonation gases produced for later analysis.  The calorimeter is now the property of Canada’s Department of National Defense with over 300 successful detonations under its belt.

His unique ability to think way outside of the box led him to invent Cold Detonation Physics (CDP) – a new field of explosives.  His training at Queen’s and experience with the calorimeter played a role in the discovery, because these set the stage for considering the safe containment of explosive detonations to produce things that can be extracted and analyzed.

By detonating mixtures of powdered magnesium and dry ice in a huge blast chamber, Daren has discovered the cleanest method to mass produce nanodiamond.  From a new explosive that’s made from carbon dioxide.

Daren Swanson’s personal mission is to positively impact as many lives as possible through the success of EnviroDiamond by supporting individuals and organizations that address the environment, human rights issues, improvements in education and research into fields of study that can be leveraged to have positive impact.  He aims to make a difference.