CDP – Abrasives

Depending on the formulation, CDP may be used to create the following abrasive products:

a)  Detonation nanodiamond
b)  Detonation aluminum oxide
c)  Detonation silicon dioxide
d)  Detonation silicon carbide
e)  High tech composite abrasive mixtures
f)  Detonation borides and carbides

CDP formulations are carefully prepared, packed into a steel pipe and detonated in a vessel to collect the solid byproducts.  Depending on the target abrasive, the byproduct is cleaned with acid and/or heat to extract the desired fractions or eliminate the unwanted ones.

Because the process of making abrasives with CDP involves an intense detonation, the resulting byproduct consists of nano-sized particles.  Particle size distribution analysis reveals the raw byproduct is approximately half nano and half very small micron material.

Nanoabrasives help the manufacturing and microelectronics industries meet the ever-increasing trend toward smoother surfaces and tighter surface tolerances.  Also, the ability to customize CDP formulations permits us to customize the properties of the materials that are produced in the detonation step.   Easy customization means we can help researchers around the world with their work by providing them with new cutting edge materials possessing unique properties or we can target producing material with the properties that they require.