The Team

1. Founder – Daren Swanson, B.Sc.

  • Degree in Engineering Chemistry
  • Background in Mining Explosives
  • Inventor of CDP Technology


2. Sales – Bob Heflin

  • Over 30 years experience in the abrasives industry
  • Hires, trains and deploys sales teams
  • Tightly connected to a global roster of 2,000 buyers


3. Lab Analysis – Fara Shojai, Ph.D, PMP

  • Materials scientist, metallurgist
  • Strong project manager
  • Product development, characterization and processing


4. IP – Blaney McMurtry, LLP
  • Over 30 years experience in patenting
  • Our lawyer has a background in chemical engineering
  • Connected to a powerful global network of affiliates
5.  Other
  • An advisory board: an actuary, doctor, and talent management professional
  • Availability of Birkendale Quarry for commercial production location
  • Access to the Canadian Explosives Research Lab for detonation tests and small sample production