CDP Abrasives

CDP abrasives are metal oxides, fortified with the properties of diamond at the nanoscale, ranging in size from 10 nanometers to over 200 microns.  The powders may be used as-is, or sieved and micronized, or acid digested to concentrate the diamond portion in an ultra-fine format.  Our product is a resource that can be ordered in small research quantities or purchased in bulk.

Blast chamber showing the shrapnel containment system, broken steel, detonator wires, and a fresh layer of CDP Abrasives.

Harnessing CDP technology to produce abrasive powders requires sophisticated steps with the right expertise, equipment and ingredients.  We produce dry ice of a particular particle size, combine this with a proprietary amount of powdered reducing agents, pack the mixture into a consumable steel containment system, and detonate this inside of a huge blast chamber.

When CDP formulations detonate, about 50% – 70% of the explosive mass is converted into very fine powder comprised of about 90% – 95% metal oxides.  The balance is carbon in various phases, including diamond.

After detonation we remove CDP abrasives from the blast chamber via vacuum extraction starting with the removal of airborne particles.  Once the atmosphere has been adequately cleared, a worker enters the vessel to recover material that has settled on the ground.

Our Formula Resulting Powders
CO2 + Mg MgO, carbon, diamond
CO2 + Mg + Al MgO, Al2O3, MgAl2O4, carbon, diamond
CO2 + Mg + Si MgO, SiO2, carbon, diamond

CDP Abrasives serve as an excellent starting point from which superior manufacturing and abrasive products can be developed.  Why?  Nano-dispersion of diamond and hard structures within a softer abrasive like magnesium oxide causes the abrasive properties of the bulk material to be more diamond-like for a fraction of the cost of a pure diamond product.