Markets for CDP

The primary application for CDP is to produce nanodiamond (ND).  ND ranges from the 5 – 25 nanometer (nm) size up to larger diamond clusters that are over 150 nm.  ND is used in lapping and polishing in the manufacture of data storage/disk drives, semiconductors, electronic components, tool and die finishing and mould polishing.  Key industries that use this material are the automotive, aerospace and microelectronic industries.

The microelectronics industry is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry whose success and rate of growth stems from the smoothness tolerance of semiconductors used to make integrated circuits.  In the multi-hundred billion dollar manufacturing industry there is an overall trend toward tighter surface tolerances that can only be addressed by nano-abrasives.  That industry currently uses larger micron-sized diamond to attempt fine polishing objectives, which is becoming difficult to achieve.  That industry is ready to shift to smaller abrasives, and CDP is a solution.

CDP can also be used to compete in the multi-billion dollar mining explosives industry.   The cost of CDP is on par with existing products and would require on-site production to use it.  Common explosives that CDP can compete with are ANFO, emulsion explosives, and high explosives like RDX.

In a very important medical technique called “Targeted Chemotherapy Drug Delivery,” nanodiamond has been proven to be an effective medium for delivering cancer-fighting drugs directly to the affected area.  The benefit with this technique is the patient does not have to suffer the horrible side effects of the typical approach – flooding the entire body with chemotherapy drugs.